Website Design


One of the most important investments a business can make is developing a great website. Most clients or potential clients will visit your website to learn more about your business, products, or services. There are many elements that make up a great website, I'll cover a few the more important elements.



A great design will welcome the viewer with a sense of professionalism and quality. The design is a direct reflection on your products and services. If the viewer is impressed with the quality of the design, they will associate that quality with your products or services. A good design is clean and simple, you don't want to clutter your website with text, buttons, pictures, graphics, and other content. Everything should be broken down to the basic important content. When someone visits your site, they should be able to easily navigate your site and find the content they're looking for. 

Google Search Rankings

It goes without saying you want to be at the top of all Google searches relevant to your business. You can't control your exact ranking in searches but there are many ways to optimize your site to show up for certain keyword searches. This is one of the most overlooked elements and arguably one of the most important jobs a web designer should focus on.


People are not patient and they shouldn't have to be when visiting your site. You don't want to risk losing potential clients as they wait for your website to load. Although part of this is based on the clients service provider, there are many things a web designer can do to make the site fast and responsive.


As a business owner, the important thing is how many people are finding your site and interacting with your business. With integrated analytics, you can always see traffic reports, content popularity, and demographics from visitors. Pinpoint your strengths and weaknesses and utilize this data to make more informed marketing strategies.

Content Control 

Setup custom access for certain pages to make changes on your own without the need to contact me. Of course I am always available to make changes to your site but sometimes all you need is a simple change. With a custom client access page, you can update content efficiently and without worrying about technical issues.

Mobile Optimization

With a majority of people on their phones today, it is extremely important to have a mobile friendly website. Every website is automatically optimized to be efficiently viewed on any mobile devise. That means more reach, more customers, more success. 

Portfolio Galleries

Do you have photo galleries on your website showcasing your products or services? With the custom app, you can sync all your website photo galleries to your app to quickly and beautifully show them off. The photos will be available offline so wherever you are, your portfolio is ready with the tap of a finger.




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