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Welcome to my wedding page, I have covered the basics of my wedding services below but if you have any questions or want to know more info, feel free to contact me. 



I like to shoot weddings documentary style. I try to capture moments as they happen, unscripted, telling a story about the whole day. I want you to look at your wedding photos five, ten, twenty years from now and still feel the rush of emotions that you felt on that day. All your decorations, clothes, flowers, and cake will only last for that day but photos will last with your relationship. As a photographer, I will probably be around you more than anyone else and I want you to feel comfortable and relaxed around me. So the first thing I do is meet with you and your fiance to talk wedding details, plans, ideas, and to discover your story. It's always fun to meet each couple and establish that relationship. 

First Meeting

The first meeting is a lot of fun and a great way for us to get to know each other. I'll be asking both of you questions like how you met, special dates or memories, plans for the wedding, and your vision for how you want the wedding to look. I'll also answer any questions you have for me and by the end of the evening you'll get a pretty good feel for my personality and what to expect on the wedding day. Again, I feel that it's very important that you're comfortable with me on your wedding day and you're confident with me taking charge of things in the background. I want to setup your wedding where all you need to focus on is your soon to be spouse.

Rehearsal Dinner

Every wedding and wedding venue is different so it's important for me to be there to see what you're planning and the best way to capture the ceremony. This is also a great time to discuss what you want and don't want. Nothing beats actually running through the actions and being on the same page the day before the wedding. Once we get to run through everything, you will feel confident and relaxed about the big day.

Assistant Photographer

I always have an assistant photographer with me on the wedding day. I usually have a female assistant so that she can stay in the bride's room during those moments when the bride and bridesmaids are getting dressed. This way you can feel comfortable getting ready without missing any special moments. My assistants will change depending on their availability but all of them very talented and capture great photos. All of their photos will be processed and edited by myself to ensure the quality stays consistent through your album. I will make sure you know my assistant and are comfortable with them before the wedding.

Getting Ready

Normally I show up when the bride arrives as well as my assistant. The wedding isn't just about the ceremony and the reception. I believe the whole day makes up your wedding memories like hanging out in the brides room with your best friends, the preparation and anticipation before the ceremony, and those special moments right before this new season of your life. This is a fun part of the day where I capture moments as they happen, spontaneous or not, it's an important part of the day.

The Ceremony

Of course we will discuss details about the ceremony during the rehearsal, but my assistant and I will capture the ceremony from several angles. Each wedding and couple are different and it's fun to capture your wedding with all it's unique characteristics. Most importantly, the ceremony is about the bride and groom becoming man and wife and the joy that is experienced between you two. 

Photos After The Ceremony

After the ceremony I usually photograph the bride and grooms family first. Before the wedding we will discuss who you want photos with and it what order so that I can take charge and take those photos without you worrying about a thing. I want your focus to be on each other and not where Uncle Bob is. I photograph the family first so we can send them into the reception to enjoy themselves. Next we shoot the bridal party. I encourage the bridal party to get a little crazy, cut up, and act themselves. Now these pictures are the ones you'll enjoy looking at later! Once we get the bridal party done we can send them off to the reception so you can enjoy a special moment alone as Mr. & Mrs. These are the most important photos and usually the couples favorites. I make sure to capture stunning images but keeping the photos short so you can get to the reception.


Reception is all about the celebration. Each couple does different things at the reception and sometimes there are some spontaneous moments that come up. I love to capture the energy and celebration at the reception. I photograph everything up until the bride and groom leave. A grand exit creates a great ending for your wedding photos so throw in some sparklers, fireworks, bubbles, glowsticks, or whatever you can dream up!

Post Processing

This is where the magic happens! After the wedding I take all the photos back, edit them, and prepare them for you to share with friends and family. Post Processing can take up to 30 days to complete after the wedding. A Download link will be available to you as soon as the images are ready and a flashdrive copy will be mailed to you the following day. Special rate photo books will be available for clients once they receive their images.


I provide professional print options if you want to create a wrapped canvas, photobook, thankyou cards, etc. Since everyone's print needs vary so much, I work with each couple on their own unique print needs. Just let me know what you want to do and I'll make it a reality!

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